Terms and Conditions


By using and shopping at Liewe Hekel, please, ensure that you have read, understood and accepted all our terms, conditions.

Colour Variations Disclaimer

Liewe Hekel aims to offer our clients exactly what is ordered, but due to certain conditions, there may be variations from what you see on our website and what you see in person. 

The wool colours you see on our website can vary in person due to the colour variations of each photograph and each computer screen. Multiple factors can affect colour display, none of which we have any control of.

Also, most of our garments are from a specific dylot and future orders might have slight variations in colour because of the dying processes.

Thank you for your understanding of these small technicalities, we promise to provide you with unique hand-made products.


The size on the website is an estimation.  Because every product is unique and the wool product changes, we will alway try to give an accurate indication of the size of the product.

Lead Time

Because all items are made by myself, we will need time to make your special item.  The lead time will also be quantity based.

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